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Physical address is one way to locate a parcel.

Addresses are located using the ESRI World Geocoding Service. Full physical address MUST be entered in the following format: 123 Anywhere Avenue, Martinsburg, WV

The point placed on the map may or may not be exact. This allows the user to get an approximate location of the parcel desired; other information is required to obtain parcel desired. ie. Owners Name, Legal Description, etc....

Another way to locate a parcel is by entering the Parcel ID.

A third way to locate a parcel is by entering the first name on the deed (Name1). If that person owns more than one (1) parcel, only the first parcel is located.

Imagery, 10' Contour Lines and 911 Streets layer services provided by Berkeley County Department of Information Technology.



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Parcel lines are updated weekly. However, data associated with parcels are for indicated Tax Year.

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