Berkeley County Assessor's Office

Step 1 - Enter the ASSESSED value.
* ASSESSED value is 60% of Appraised or Market value *
No commas please.
Step 2 - Select the Tax District.
Step 3 - Select the Tax Class.
Step 4 - Your Levy Rate.
Levy rate will populate automatically based on the "Tax District" and "Tax Class" selected.
Your 2024 Levy Rate 
Step 5 - Homestead Exemption Eligible?
The homestead exemption is $20,000, deducted from the ASSESSED value.
Step 6 - Calculate Property Tax Estimate
Use the reset button to enter a new calculation. Errors can result if the form is not reset between calculations.
   See Amount Below
The estimated 2024 Ad Valorem Property Taxes** are:

** Unofficial Estimate **

For your planning purposes only!!!

Estimate does NOT include any discounts, interest or penalties that may apply.