Berkeley County Assessor's Office

Dave Linton

Chief Appraiser

Curtis 'Doc' Trenary

Asst. Field Appraiser Supervisor

Dave Crim


Rhonda Loudan


Steve Sprenkle


Paul DeLeon


John Streett

Commercial Appraiser

The Appraiser's Department consists of one (1) supervisor, one (1) assistant supervisor, four (4) full-time residential appraisers and one (1) full-time commercial appraisers. All appraisers have received up-to-date training and certifications through the West Virginia State Tax Department and some of our staff have received International Association of Assessing Officer's (IAAO) training courses. They have attended many seminars and completed courses on land pricing, sales ratio, sales verification, three approaches to value, mass appraisal studies and computer assisted land pricing training.

The Appraiser's Department is responsible for maintaining current market values on approximately 54,000 parcels of real estate in Berkeley County. Every parcel of real estate shall be visited by an appraiser at least once every three (3) years to determine if any changes have occurred. Some circumstances require more frequent visits by an appraiser, such as property transfers, property splits, building permits for new construction, homestead exemption applications, etc.... If the homeowner is not available at the time of inspection, the appraiser will leave a notice of property review on the door. In such case, please contact the appraiser at the phone number listed on the notice. Our appraiser may have questions that, if left unanswered, could result in improper values and assigned tax class. The information required to properly appraise these properties would have to be estimated using the best available data.

Any questions regarding your real estate assessment may be directed to:
304-264-1904, Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.